Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Watch this GREAT VIDEO CLIP of MICK and Daughter Elizabeth attending Elton John's Venetian Themed Party. At Elton's Country Estate in England. Great insight into Mick in his everyday life off stage. Well if you call a exclusive party at Elton John's Country Estate everyday. Well for Mick anyway. 
      This clip is a excerpt from the full length documentary film on Mick, well titled "Being Mick Jagger." It's just great and a must see for any Mick and or Stones fans. You'll see Mick Jet Setting around the World in Lear Jets as well as just being home and horsing around with the kids. Sweet. Clips of Mick doing collaborations for a solo album with the likes of Lenny Kravitz, Bono, and Pete Townshend, as well as Mick on family vacation in Mustique.
       Mick and Elton John discuss and critique Madonna's latest Concert Performance.

Daniel Bellino Zwicke 

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