Sunday, December 9, 2012


I WROTE THIS LETTER to JIM FARBER of The New York "DAILY NEWS" about His Article on THE ROLLING STONES CONCERT Performance at The BARCLAYS CENTER, Brooklyn, NEW YORK on December 8, 2012 


Hi Jim, Thanks for the great piece "Satisfaction" (Rolling Stones) ....  I'm a lifelong Stones Fan from the early 60's when The Stones first started, I was like 5 years old. And with all the "Shitty Music" they make these days I've grown to Love The Stones and all the Great Rock, R&B, and Pop Artists of the 60s and 70s even more, as they make barely any good music anymore these days. I don't understand it. With a very few exception like Alicia Keyes, Cee Lo Green and a "VERY FEW OTHERS" I think "The Music These Days SUCKS" !!!!!
    That's why the Greatest Rock-n-Roll Band The Rolling Stones are so important, and I as well as Many Millions "Thank" those guys for still keeping it together, for all the "Crappy Music" these days and lack of Anything Good, we can still pull out the Old Vinyl and listen to all the great R&B, Pop, and Rock acts of the 60s and 70s along with Greats like; Frank Sinatra, Dino, Sammy, Tony B, Louis Prima, Louis Armstrong and 100s of others. Thank God for the 50s 60s and 70s otherwise all we'd have is the "Shit of Today" Thank God He Created The Rolling Stones. "Or was that Brian Jones, Mick Jagger, Keith Richards and the rest?" Well, yes God did have some hand in it, "I think."
   Sorry, I got off on a tangent. Can't help it when I Think About The Very Sad Fact That Rock has Died. replaced by "Shit Crap RAP Techno and Whatever They Call All The Other Garbage" they so "Wrongfully" call music these days. "It's A SIN." !!!  And I don't believe it's a generational thing as I grew up loving my generations Music The Beatles, The Stones, Pop, R&B, and hard Rock along with Loving my Mom and Dads Music as well, like; Sinatra, Dean Martin, Nat king Cole, Louis Armstrong and others. And I remember driving around Jersey in my Dads Plymouth listening to the Radio and my Dad singing along and loving the Music. He was of a older generation and Loved all the Big Band; Tommy Dorsey, Glenn Miller and such which he always talked about "Playing Hooky" from school and going to see the Big Bands with His Buddies at the Paramount Theater, a Live Big Band (The Top Acts of The Day) and a Movie for just .50 Cents .....  And that's why I can't go see the Stones, $450 and Up for tickets plus working in the restaurant business I'd have to take off work and lose over $150 in pay. Even if I could get tickets, it would cost me more than $700 to see the Stones. I love the Stones and wanted to see them one more time (seen them Twice before at much more REASONABLE Prices according to the TIME) ..
   Well Jim, I don't know if you're going to read this "long-winded" letter. Sorry I didn't originally want to right it so long, but I got going and couldn't stop. Loved Your article on The STONES, especially the first 4 paragraphs, which gave me a good feel for the show. I Always have my Great Rolling Stones Vinyl Record Collections (about 30 Albums)  along when I went to see the Stones 2 times in the 70s, I've seen Mick Jagger around town, mostly in Night Clubs and Bars, and when I used to be the Maitre'd at Celebrity Central Restaurant "Da Silvano" I got Keith Richards autograph on a baseball that also has Johnny Bench's signature on it. I took care of Tons of Celebrity's over the years and Keef is the only person I ever asked for an Autograph. "He was Great." Anyway thanks for writing such a good article and painting a good picture of the Concert.