Friday, January 11, 2013

I Love The Rolling Stones

Well, I just keep loving the Stones more and more. I've always loved The Rolling Stones, ever since they came out with Satisfaction in 1965 .. But back then, I din't love The Rolling Stones nearly as much as I do now. No, I liked them a lot, but didn't think and delve into them the way I do now. Well, it's simple, for one, they didn't have the body of work they do now. Well that they had by 1981, with their last great album Tattoo You. Back in 65 Start Me Up, Bitch, Can You Hear me Knocking and other great Stones tunes hadn't been made yet. But that's not really the main reasons that I wasn't so fanatical about The Rolling Stones the way I am now. Back then there were tons and tons of other great musical artist, not like the current day stock of music in 2013 and the past 15 years or so, just mostly a bunch of Shit. The music these days Sucks. It's almost none existent  except for a very few good artists like Cee Lo Green and Alica Keys. Yes today "The Music Sucks" and all we have are great bands of the past, like The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, The Supremes, all the Motown and R&B Greats, Rock-n-Roll Greats, Solo Artists, Pop Music and on and on. Yes, back in 1965, all through the 6o's and 70's and in to the 80s and even 90's you had many great Musical Artists; Le Zeppelin, The temptaions, Stevie Wonder, The Stylistics, Elvis, too many to name. 

  What ever happened to music? What happened to Rock and Roll? The music today "Sucks" no good artists, no great songs like before, the 60s, 70s, and 80s ... What the hell happened? Well, Shitty Crap Rap happened. Kids these days don't know any better, they listen to and "Like Shit" it's unavailable  The kids these days have "Horrible Taste" in music, they like and except Crap and think it's good, "Crap Rap." What is the World coming to? Thank God for The Rolling Stones, The Beatles, Frank Sinatra, Louis Armstrong, the R&B Classic Rock, rock-N-Roll, and all the Great music produced by the great artists from 1960 to the early 1990's. Great music was made, it was recorded and we have it to listen to now in times of nothing good a "Famine of Music" good music that is, great music, they don't make it any more. Why? I'm mystified!


Yes Boys and Girls, in the Age of Shit Music, which is Now and Has Been for 15 Years or so, All we have are The Stones, Classic Rock, Rock-N-Roll, R&B and The Great Musical Acts of The Past; 60s 70s 80s ... But we do have it, Let's Thank God .. We Can listen to our Great Vinyl Records, Cassettes, CDs, maybe even 8-Tracks ... Cool . We can even listen to MP3s, just as long as they're Great Recordings of The Stones, Classic Rock, R&B and 
"No CRAP RAP"  Read books like Keith Richards "Life" one of numerous biography on Mick, or books on the Stones, Surf the net for Stones, Keef, or Mick stories. Let's not forget Charlie, and Ronnie Wood is Super Cool. Now there's a biography I gotta read, Ronnie Wood. And I can't wait to see Charlie Is My Darling. I hear it's Great. I have numerous books on The Rolling Stones and Youtube? Youtube is Awesome! You can see (and hear) The Stones and all The R&B and Rock Greats anytime you want, and almost any performance. There's a lot out there Thank God again and we don't have to listen to The Rap Crap and All The Shitty Music they make in 2012, 2013 and the past 15 Years .. No Need! We're Just Not Gonna Take It! Sorry if there are so many with Bad taste Out There. They Have Great Music and Great Bands Like The Stones, led Zeppelin, The Who and more and they insist on listening to Shit. They actually like it, support it an perpetuate the Crap. Well, you Have The Stones so Enjoy. Look at Beast of Burden on this site, or Ronnie talking about his Guitars, and Mick going to Elton Johns party and what not. The Rolling Stones, they're Great, They are endless, you never tire of them. They're The Stones !!!!!
ROCK ON !!!!

The Rolling Stones 
At the Alamo
San Antonio Texas

Probably 1978
Check Out The Stones
Doing Beast of Burden Live
Texas 1978
As Peter Griffith Would Say
Friggin Sweet !!!

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