Wednesday, February 6, 2013


Can Your Hear Me Knocking, The Rolling Stones "Sticky Finger"  Got my Coffee! Yes I'm having my coffee, at my favorite local cafe in Greenwich Village. They've been playing The Stones, one great song after the other. Maybe it's Grrrr, the Rolling Stones latest compilation album with tons of great Rolling Stones Hits and that big Gorilla on the cover. "Rock On." Yes, drinking my coffee, a favorite pastime, reading the paper (NY Times and Daily News), listening to The Rolling Stones. What's Better than that? The Stones, The World's Greatest Ever Rock-N-Roll Band and ma Coffee. "I Love it!" Thank God they're not playing any "Rap Crap" or any of the other Horrible Music they make these days. No, just great quality, good ol Rock-N-roll, and the best, The Rolling Stones. Just thought I'd let you know. And think about, "What Could Be Better Than Coffee and The Rolling Stones?" Not much, or a lot of things you might say, but just for 3-Bucks, I got my Coffee, sitting in a nice quiet relaxing Cafe listening to Keith, Mick, Charlie, Mick Taylor, and Ron Wood, The Rolling Stones and Coffee, "No It Doesn't Get Any Better Than That."

PS ..  also playing, Sympathy For The Devil, Satisfaction, Ruby Tuesday,19th Nervous Breakdown, and-on-and-on .. "The Hits Just Keep Coming." This is a simple pleasure of life my Friends ...

Daniel Bellino Zwicke

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