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TATOO You and a Love Life


The STONES Last Great Album

Tattoo You is the 16th British and 18th American studio album by The Rolling Stones, released in 1981. The follow-up to Emotional Rescue (1980), the album is mostly composed of studio outtakes recorded during the 1970s, and contains one of the band's most well-known songs, "Start Me Up", which hit second place on the United States's Billboard singles charts.
The album proved to be both a critical and commercial success upon release, reaching the top of the Billboard charts, and selling more than four million copies in the United States alone. It was also the final Rolling Stones album to reach the top position of the US charts, thus concluding the band's string of number-one albums there, dating back to 1971's Sticky Fingers. It is considered by many fans and critics to be the Rolling Stones' last great album.
Tattoo You is an album primarily composed of outtakes from previous recording sessions, some dating back a decade, with new vocals and overdubs. Along with two new songs, the Rolling Stones put together this collection to have a new album to promote for their worldwide American Tour 1981/European Tour 1982 beginning that September. Guitarist Keith Richards commented in 1993:
"The thing with Tattoo You wasn't that we'd stopped writing new stuff, it was a question of time. We'd agreed we were going to go out on the road and we wanted to tour behind a record. There was no time to make a whole new album and make the start of the tour."


Release and Aftermath of TATOO YOU

"Start Me Up" was released in August 1981, just a week before Tattoo You, to a very strong response, reaching the top 10 in both the United States and UK, and number 1 in Australia. Widely considered one of the Stones' most infectious songs, it was enough to carry Tattoo You to No. 1 for nine weeks in the United States, while reaching No. 2 in the UK with solid sales. It's been certified 4x platinum in the United States alone. The critical reaction was positive, many feeling that Tattoo You was an improvement overEmotional Rescue and a high-quality release. "Waiting on a Friend" and "Hang Fire" became Top 20 US hits as well.
"Start Me Up" would prove to be The Rolling Stones' last single to reach as high as No. 2 in the US, while Tattoo You is their last American No. 1 album to date.
The album title was originally planned to be simply Tattoo. Jagger claims to this day that even he has no clue how the "You" became attached to the title. The title caused friction between Jagger and Richards, with Richards suspecting that Jagger had changed the title without seeking his input. The album cover for Tattoo You had concept origination, art direction and design by Peter Corriston and illustration by Christian Piper. The album cover won the Grammy award in 1982 in the Best Album Package category. It was the first Grammy award for the Rolling Stones. 





Keith Richards & Mick Jagger on St. Marks Place

East Village, New York, NY

Shooting Video for WAITING on a FRIEND


Keith Richards bops his head out of the St. Marks Bar - Grill

The East Village  1981

Corner of St. Marks Place & 1st Avenue



Eat Village, New York NY

Mick & Keef "WAITING on a FRIEND"

I lived on this block for 10 years from 1983 to 1993. I lived right on the corner of St Marks and Aveneu A at 131 Avenue. I was in my 20s, and these were some of the best years of my life. I was a young guy, working hard and playing hard, and "Sowing My Wild Oats" so to say. Lots of girlfirends, espcially Puerto Rican Girls, "Who are just Dying to Meet You," as Micj Jagger sings in Miss You by The Rolling Stones, on the Some Girls album (one of my favorites all-time). Yes, I was doing pretty good with the ladies back then in 1980s New York. I had a few Puerto Rican girlfriends in those years, and as a result, I told everyone that "miss You" by the Rolling Stones was my Theme Song, as the Puerto Rican Girls, I guess were. Yeah I loved those girsl, Beautiful, Hot, and oh so Sexy, and yes, great in bed. Hey, don't shoot me. That's life, and I was a young American guy in his 20s, just living a sort of normal ( abit Wild) life in Downtown New York. And hey, I wasn't just palying around, I was working damn hard, 6 days a week. Again, I worked hard and played hard, working two jobs. I usually worked a full-time job cooking in a restaurant kitchen, as I was an aspriing chef. I'd get a job cooking maybe 4 luinches and one dinner shift, and I worked as a waiter /  bartender.

Three of the 6 days I worked, I'd get up in the mornign and run into to cook lunch, arriving at 9:30 am and working until 4 pm. I'd finsih work, run to the Subway, take the train down to East 8th Street (Astor Place), get off the train, and run home to my apartment on Avenue A (at St Marks Pl.). I'd jump in the shower, take a shower, then run over to John's of East 12th Street, and wait on tables to about 12 Midnight. Then I might go home, or quite often I'd go to Carmelita's (Tuesday Night), Club AREA, or Nell's for a couple hours, where I'd have a couple drinks (never more then 2 or 3 the most), dance, try to pick up a little hotty (often not, but?), and then I'd go hame and do it all again the next day.  One or two days a week, I only cooked lunch, so when I finished, I could go home, take a nap, then have the whole evening to go out and get together with a friends, or one of my girlfriends at the time. My varios girlfiends include, Carmen, a hot little Puerto Rican Girl who I had a lot of hot sey with. She wasn't a serious girlfriend, but a girl that I was seeing for about 4 years, mainly for booty calls. Hey don't kncik me, we both liked our arrangement, both she and I. I had a caouple other Puerto Rican girlfirends besides Carmen, but she was my favorite. Then there was Isabell, the Fashiion Model from Caracas. And when I say fashion model, I mean a real high fashion model who was with The Ford Agency as well as being a house model for Oscar d' La Renta. No she was not a wanna be model of the day, but a big time New York Fashion model. I was crazy about Isabell, she wasn't as crazy about me, though she did like me quite a bit. We went together for about 16 months, which really surprised me. Never did I think it would last that long, when I first started seeing Isabell, but it did. I had various other girlfriends, including Genie, a Thai American girl, who was my first of Several Asian girlfriends. There were other girls, some one night stands, some short term (2 to 6 months), a few long term, and so on. But before these girls, I had met the love of my life, Iris, a girl from Lima, Peru, who I was madly in love with. We were a hot item for about 1 year and a half, before Iris broke up with me. As I always say, "She Crushed Me." I was madly in love with the girl. I wanted to marry here, but I guess the feelings weren't mutual. Yes she crushed me. I was absolutely devastated when she stopped seeing me. I have never loved any girl the way I did Iris. Yes, I wanted to marry her. After she broke up with me. I went wild/ I became a Playboy, so to speak. I went out with as many women as I could, and really sowed some wild oat. After Iris, I never wanted to marry another girl again. I just never had those same strong feelings as I did for Iris. And so I never did. I nver got married, never had the feeling for marriage after the love of my life Iris "G" .. 

I had a long term relationship with a wonderful Filipina girl, who wanted to get marry. Unfortunately I did not. I should have, she was a great girl. I justed didn't feel it, so after 3 and a half years together, she dumped me. I then had a long term relation ship, living with a Korean girl for another 3 1/2 years as well. Then I had a year long relationship with another girl, and that was my last long term relationship. 

Wow. How bout all that. I don't know what else to say after all that? You see what happens when you sit down to write. I start with The ROlling Stones, and Waiting on a friend, and I end up telling a good part of my life's story and my love life. Oh well, that's writing for you.

Until next time.

... Daniel 









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